Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore-Dark & Light Denim

Hi there!
I got around to taking some what I wore pictures. In fact,my whole day was full of picture taking and driving,but that is for the next post! 
 Jean shirt(Chambray?) and skirt-Goodwill  
 My necklace is made up of many things! I am so in love with it. The chain was a gift from my boy friend,the locket is origami owl(eBay-$11.00),and the charms are all from Etsy. Am I a cheapskate or what? lol
 Took this picture and realized how long my hair is getting. Yay! Those of you that have been following me awhile know how long I have been trying to grow it out. It seems like it has taken half my life to get it back this long! I have heard(gulp) that there is a terminal length that your hair quits growing! I don't think I believe it,but it was enough to scare the crude out of me at first!
 Shoes-(fake) TOMS from Kmart
Have a great evening!
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Anonymous said...

Love the outfit: ) And your hair is great!

Lee Ann said...

I have the exact same shoes from Kmart, but mine are the chambray.