About The Author

hi there! i'm emily. the author behind this blog.
as bad as i am at these "about" pages,i figured that it simply would not do for my viewers to read my blog,and not know a thing about the me. so here are a few random things about me. 
i am….a christian. a reader. a scarf wearer. a blogger. a picture taker. a country girl. a procrastinator. a crafter. a coffee addict. a chocoholic. a curly top. a southerner. a carolinian. a lover of life and it's simple pleasures.
i love….Jesus. my family. my faith. the smell of dirt. old barns. fire places. sunflowers. flowers and plants of all kinds. cameras of all sorts. film. boots. bare feet. candles. bubble baths. sweet tea. my pt-cruiser named lucy. photography. paint. rocks. koala bears. denim. dresses. sunglasses. being different. adventure. music. guitars. fields. popsicles. books. cassette tapes. history. dirt roads. old movies. long hair. freckles. life.
i blog….my faith. photography. adventures. fashion posts(sometimes.) lifestyle. food. crafts. randomness.:-)
~ Thanks for stopping by!