Saturday, July 7, 2012

Princess challenge:Round #1

Name The Singer!

For the first round of my childhood princess challenge(to see how many of you were well rounded children remember the songs,names etc from the Disney princess movies;)) I'm am going to give you some lyrics. They will be numbered to keep it organized. You must name the singer,the movie,and the name of the song.:) You comment me your answer and please put the number of the question you are answering before you answer. Mostly,just have fun remembering!

"Sing sweet Nightingale,
 Sing sweet....ahhhhhhahahahhhhh....
Sing sweet Nightingale, sing sweet...ahhhhhahahahhhh.
Oh sing sweet Nightingale,
sing sweet .....Nightingale...."

"Mother knows best,
 take it from your mother,
 on your own you wont survive!
Sloppy,under dressed,immature,clumsy,
 darling here's what I suggest!
 Skip the drama stay with mama,
 MOTHER knows best...."

"please let me not make a fool of me,
 keep my father standing tall...
swifter than the undertaker, we are meeting our match maker..
.please bring honour to us,
please bring honour to us,
 please bring honour to us all!"

"What I like most about rivers is,
You can't step in the same river twice,
The waters always moving, always flowing.
But people I guess can't live like that,
We all must pay a price,
To be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing...."

Choose your answers wisely because the winner at the end of the whole challenge will receive an award button for their blog:)
Good luck!


Anonymous said...

1. Cindarella
2. Tangled, my favorite :D (after Beauty and the beast)

3. ?
4. ?

Been too long since I have seen any of them. lol

Abigail Fullerton said...

1. ?
2. Tangled
3. Mulan
4. ?
I like it when you have these challenges! : )