Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY:Temporary hair streak/ Round 2 of princess challenge!

Well, hello there strangers! I'm afraid I have been neglecting this little blog of mine lately:( I have been quite busy lately! I have a ton of pictures I have been meaning to post and I just haven't had the time! So I guess a good way to refresh myself on posting will be to give you a tutorial! So here it goes!

Temporary Color Streak
Ok, to put a temporary streak in your hair, you can use.......ready?.....eyeshadow! Best to use the kind that is pressed like the blue in the picture above,but you can use it in just about any case.
 You need the eyeshadow and hairspray and that's it! Press your strand against the shadow and drag it down the strand. It puts the color in. Then just spray the strand with the hairspray. That's it!
 I used purple in my hair:) I think it looks pretty good.

Ok,now..........on to.....

Round #2:Princess Challenge
 Ok, for this round I'm going to ask questions and you have to guess who I'm referring to:)
Give me your answers in your comments and put the number of the questions you are answering.
 1. Which princess dressed up like a man?

2.Who's prince was named Eric?

3.Which princess lost a shoe?
4.Which princess was poisoned?

5. Who fell down a well?

6. Who had some very small friends that helped her?

Bonus question: Who's castles are in the pictures??

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Super cute blog! Love the hair tip. I've been looking for hair chalk everywhere and haven't been able to find any. Now I can DIY it!

Abigail Fullerton said...

Cool hair idea, I love it !

Anonymous said...

1. Mulaun
2. Ariel
3. Cindarella
4. Wasn't Sleeping Beauty and Snow White poisoned?
5. ?
6 Snow White

Ugh, I am bad at the princess movies, i was a Tom boy growing up. lol Ask me any question about Disney Pixar ones though and I will probably get them all right. :D

Like the Hair tutorial. :)

Emily said...

Lucy-I heard pastels work too!

Sarah-Sleeping beauty pricked her finger;) I'll admit I was a girly ggirl as a child. It has grown out of me now. I'm more of a country girl now:) Maybe Ill make a Disney pixar one someday:)

Aby-Thanks girl!