Monday, July 23, 2012

Princess Challenge:Round#3-Last round

Ok, for this last round....I am going to describe the personalities of the princesses and you have to guess which one I'm talking about.;)

 (The pics are just random)
1.- She is simple,and tomboyish. Doesn't care for clothes and makeup. She isn't quite sure where she fits in. She doesn't know who she is. She is caring,strong,and courageous.

2.-She is restless. She feels like she is too shielded and she wants to experience something completely new. She is fun loving and loves to sing. She isn't that smart;)
 3.-She is sweet and kind to all,even though they aren't to her. She has a diligent spirit and is patient and loves to sing(most do!)
4.-She is an only child. She is dramatic and sentimental. She learns to look underneath people's appearance. She looks for something more than just average living.

5.She is dramatic and the least bit reckless. She loves her family,but they don't always agree. She looks for the new and exciting things. She follows her heart.

6.-She is obedient and sweet. She makes the most of her time and is VERY patient, but she longs to see the world and experience things on her own.
I hope you have enjoyed my challenge:) Please leave your answers in your comment and number them:) There is one last question for you to answer:) I know I didn't use all the princesses in this challenge series,but think about it and comment which princess you are most like in personality:D
I believe I would say that mine would probably be....Rapunzel from Tangled. Not that I have a wicked mother,or glowing hair,but I have a similar personality to hers:)

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