Friday, July 6, 2012

Growing my hair out

I am in the process of growing my hair out. How long you ask?? Well lets just say I want my hair a trifle shorter than Rapunzel;) Well that's a little exaggeration, but I want it at least to my waist! Below are some pictures I am using for inspiration, plus a little information about the longest hair in the world.(The real Rapunzel)
 I love this! It is the perfect length!
 Curls curls curls....
 Gorgeous layers.
Sweet wavy hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for the information that you might not know:)
The woman with the longest hair in the world:
Name:Xie Qiuing
Location:Guangxi Province China
Length: 18' and 5.54"
Date of Record: May 8th 2004
 This is her grooming technique. Standing on a chair!
 Washing in a BIG bowl....

And then displaying it on the grass. O dear, another washing is in order! The record is dated 2004, so I can only imagine how long it is now! I do not think I would want my hair this long, even if it was a world record. I do commend this woman on her faithful upkeep of her hair though. If mine was like this, it would have knots a mile long!!! She knows how to keep it pretty, that's for sure!
So far no one has overtaken this girls record though.......

Seriously like my favorite movie ever!!!!! Love:)
Maybe I will do a post on all the Disney princesses from my childhood:) Ill do a quiz to see which one you know best:) Well I hope you enjoyed my hair inspiration!


Anonymous said...

That is how long I want to get mine! :D

Lhen A. said...

Love those long curly hairs.. and I also love TANGLED, one of my favorite Disney movie too. :)

Emily said...

Sarah-Lol love it!
Lhen-Love them too! And yea i love that movie!

Abigail Fullerton said...

Wow love the hair so pretty and the black haired girl is outrageous!