Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MIA?? Here is why:)

So if you wondered where I have been for the past week in a half, I was at the Gospel Light Youth Conference. The one I told you about here.
I had a life-changing time last week and I want to share a little of it with you:)

 My pictures are kind of outta order but this a picture from Thursday at the Hanes mall during free time. We had a great time shopping around:) Me,Aby,Lizzie,Sidney,De,and Stephanie.
 Sipping on some good sodas....
 We browsed the Earth Bound store and found some awesome art pieces. I am so going to try them out:)

 Me and my bestie on the way to Carowinds. I think everyone was excited for Carowinds on Wednesday:)
 We all sat down to rest and we manged to get a picture too:) Bren doesn't care for coasters much, but he rides them with me:)
 This is the Carolina Cobra. It goes forwards and then it runs backwards ! I don't like it very much because it's kinda rough:)
 This is the Wind Seeker. It towers 301 feet in the air. Higher than the Intimidator.
 This is the swings you sit in. The circle of swings goes up up up up to the very top and starts swinging. Scary:0

 The Intimidator is my favorite roller coaster! It is so smooth that it feels like you are flying.
 Excitement bubbles on the bus!
 Stephanie and Mrs. April(Bren's mom and our counsellor) at supper.
 We had to snap a few pics in the church:) Me and Liz.....
 and me and Aby:)
 Crown college singing group.
 The background on the platform. Roads going in all directions. Which road to take.....? Thinking Eturnity was the theme. Thinking about things that are really going to matter in life. Things that will really matter in Eturnity:) Eturnity is spelled with a U because its deciding where to turn.

 Brendan found a gummy snake in the candy store, and I had to take a picture! I had a head and rattle!
At the end of the week, they called all those that had received salvation that week or had surrendered to preach, or surrendered their lives to God. The sight was astounding!
God bless you all.

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Abigail Fullerton said...

Your pictures are really good. I had so much that week!