Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby chicks and a giveaway!

 First, here is a picture of some beautiful eggs a lady from our church gave us. They are gorgeous!
 Now I would like for you to meet Frank,Freckles,and Sonic. They are three days old! So sweet!
 Frank is yellow,Freckles is orange, and Sonic is grey. ( Sonic is my sister's and named after a cartoon character)

 They were sleepy. As soon as we put the light on them, their little eyes started to droop and they fell asleep:) I went to see them this morning and got to see them stretching and eating breakfast.:)

Now, on to the givaway!
 I know that you have been probably wondering where exactly my Etsy shop is. Well I just have not had time to start it up yet. But I decided to do a giveaway of some things from my coming soon Etsy.
The winner gets this yellow Posie Pin( I promise its yellow).....

 Two handmade,paint chip bookmarks.....
 And this necklace and bracelate set. (No its not from Etsy,but from my ginormous very full ,overloaded jewelry box;))
The Posie can be used as a pin,hair clip, or purse ornament!
This set goes to one winner:)
1.Follow Under the Lilacs
2.Leave me a comment telling me that you followed me.
3.This giveaway is U.S.A. only;)
That's it! The deadline for this giveaway is Friday. I hope to hear from you:)


Abigail Fullerton said...

Awawawawa the chicks are so sweet !!:)

AC said...

I follow you by email!