Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instagram:Weekly Tidbits

Hello! Thursday is weekly tidbit day! I got this really cool app called instagram. There's good and bad just like with pinterest,but again,you control what goes on yours:)
Weekly Tidbits:
1- Stretchy ribbon is the best for making baby head bands.
2- I had fun with double winged eyeliner
3-Hannah wearing a clone's helmet. haha:p
4-Ahh piano
5-Mustard art.Who'd a thought!
6-This is my motivation(will explain later)
7-My outfit for browsing around town with my siblings.
8-A morning stroll anyone?
9-Relaxing with some fat free sherbret.
10-SO encouraging.
11-Hydrangeas are in full bloom now. Had to snap some pics!
12-Exercise....Oh the joy.:p
Till tomorro!


Emelie Claire said...

I totally understand about number six.........Even though I have been around horses since I was 5....I still get scared! LOL ...............I ALWAYS have to tell myself.....STAY CALM!!!!!!

Emelie Claire (:

Emily said...

Lol yea exactly