Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun for Friday

I thought it would be fun to just post some random stuff to make you laugh and inspire you! There is not a much better way to start than with a few laughs!
So lets start with some smiles,shall we?

 So cute! He is dressed like the man from the Disney Pixxar movie UP!

Some inspiration.......

 Riding begins with seeing the world through the horses eyes.

Some style......
 I love the way that women used to dress so glamorous and stylish!
 ad so feminine!

Some GREAT entertainment......
 Holiday Inn. The best old movie I have ever seen! Stars Fred Astare and Bing Crosby.
 The Rifleman:Tv series. Awesome western classic!
 Andy Griffith:Tv series. Can't be in N.C. without seeing this beloved show:)

And last, something pretty.....
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
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