Saturday, May 5, 2012

Up On The Mountain

 Hello friends! I know I haven't blogged in awhile. I've had two trips back to back so I have had limited to no access to the computer. O well, it was nice having a break for a little while:)
I will blog about the beach trip soon. I didn't have enough time to do both right now. Our church school and us homeschoolers took a trip to Gatlinburg for the week. It was soooo much fun! I did not take as many pictures as I should have,but I have all the memories in my head;)
 Such a pretty view! This was taken from the trail we hiked to the waterfall. It was a long hike,but it was so worth it at the end!

 See! Gorgeous right??!! It was so cooling and refreshing!
 Our boys did NOT take this sign very seriously. They were climbing like mountain goats!
 Look close and you can see them on the side.
 They climbed down there too!
 De,Sid,and Lizzie enjoying the view. Aren't they pretty???
 Hehe, I like to take pics without people knowing it. Sometimes you can get such sentimental and pretty pics that way. She looked pretty sitting there so I snapped a picture.
 Brendan and Isaac. What are they laughing at? Well, on of the boys decided to wade. He had just exhibited his feet slipping and him splashing into the water! Luckily for him,someone had some extra clothes!  I had some pics but I didn't want to embarrass him:)
 This pretty little thing landed on Jesse's finger. We had to get a pic!
 Aby took this pic for us:) Thanks Aby!
 Aby and Jesse.

 Me,Aby,Liz,Sid,and De at the village in Gatlinburg.
 Remember what I said about unknowing pictures;) He didn't know till later I took this picture. He said that he was going to get me back for it;) He's so funny.

 The Wild Eagle at Dolly Wood. We got to ride this coaster. It was pretty fun. The first hill scared me pretty good,but it was fun. My favorite was the Mystery Mine! I'll put a video on here.
 This was the hill for the Wild Eagle.
 How would you like to win one of these? I don't think I could carry that around all day!

This was a senior trip for Abigail and her twin brother. I'm so excited for her to graduate!! I kind of wish this was my senior year. I'll just have to wait till next year! I wish you the best Aby!!
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Abigail Fullerton said...

Your time is coming. It won't be long before you'll be the senior, it kind of sneaks up on you. I love the pics of you and me. Yes the boys did ignore the sign. lol = )

Lhen aldave said...

looks like you had a great time in the mountain and waterfalls. I so like this post because i really love hiking.. :)


Emily said...

Yes, hiking is fun and such good exercise!!