Friday, April 27, 2012

Feminine Friday:Just Random=D

Hellooooooooooooooo everyone..........Well this post was not planned whatsoever. O well, what are vacations for?? Well,this week I have a make-up tutorial for you plus I need some advice on my necklaces.
 Sniff:( blonde hair:( This make-up looks really good with blonde hair,but I think its pretty for anyone=) The things you need are in the pictures below=)
 I have absolutely no idea where the glitter roller came from. I have had it since before I could wear make-up:) It is absolutely a girl's best friend=) The pink eyeshadow is just a cheap version from a dollar store I believe. The other I got at a store in the mall. Sorry bout the skull, I like the color;)
 Of course besides the eyeshadow there's,mascara(the cheapest,waterproof kind I could find),foundation(again,cheap),powder(I'm sorry,I'm a cheapskate!),small brush,large brush,eyeliner,blush,bubble-gum-pink lipstick,lip-gloss,and an eyelash curler.
OK,you start with foundation powder and blush. Blush took me forever to figure out. I guess it just depends on the shape of your face. I use a blush brush and brush it across my cheek bones and blend it up into my temples. This is suppose to make your face longer or something like that:)
I normally put my eye shadow on before eyeliner and eyeliner before mascara. I put the aqua eye shadow in end of my eye lid. Then I blend the pink on the rest of my eye lid and roll it with the glitter roller. Finish up with eyeliner and mascara. Then I put on my bubble-gum-pink lipstick and tone it down with lip gloss. There you have it......:)
On to the necklaces.
                                                                 EXHIBIT A

                                                                  EXHIBIT B

                                                                   EXHIBIT C
I got the yellow necklace at a thrift store this week and was trying to figure out what the best way to wear it would be. Please comment which exhibit you like best!
Happy Feminine Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

All of them llok good with that outfit, but I really like the one with them both. :) I love blue eye shadow! It makes my blueish grey eyes more blue. :) (or so I wish)