Friday, April 20, 2012

Feminine Friday:Look-a-like Challenge

 Hello friends. I'm almost in tears right now! I have humiliated myself into the very depths of despair. It wont do me any good to explain it to you tonight,but look for the tragic tale story soon.=(
Anyway,on a better note.....I asked you all to participate in a contest last week. To choose on of the pics and do a "look-a-like pic." I chose the picture from Dr. Quinn.
 I was actually going to do Elizabeth Bennett,but that didn't work out so well.........

 I'm sorry its hard to see the outfit,but its rather hard to take a picture with an ipod when you happen to be the photographer. OOOO Well..... You get the idea of what it looked like though right??

 This was my attempt at Jane Seymour's facial expression........hmmmmmm.
 And this is my Elizabeth Bennett hair.....Have you ever heard the Funky hat chant? About the bad hair day?? Well anyways, they say that Keira Knightly's hair is kind of messy like this sooooo.... this was my not so good attempt.
This is my award for this contest. I will get in touch with you if you when and will email you the award. You can put it on your blog!=) Hehe..Just let me know if you entered the contest. Oh,and I know its near impossible to get a post done every Friday. Believe me, I took my pic yesterday and am now posting them at 10:05 pm! But I would appreciate everyone's contest posts being on by tomorrow afternoon mkay? I hope everyone had fun with this!
Happy Friday!

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