Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whatever happened to femininity?

This my dear friends, is a subject that has been pressing on my mind for sometime now. As I go out into the world,all I see is the constant decline of values. People have become disrespectful,hateful,selfish,and downright rude! Another thing I see is that women have cheapened and devalued themselves. I am pretty disgusted every time I see a woman walk into a store in pajama pants and slippers. Or a bathrobe! Most women today either dress sloppy or provokingly. Another thing I see,is that a lot girls(and women) no longer act like ladies. They seem to be blinded by the devil into thinking that being loud,boisterous,and flaunting themselves,is the only way to attract a man. Ladies,this is nothing but a bold face LIE! Why have so many females lost their value in themselves? The world of women has convinced itself,that being provocative and loose is the way to live. Yet,we are so shocked when the men of our day treat a female disrespectfully. We women will be accountable for every man we cause to lust after us. My heart really aches for teenage girls,who display themselves,in hopes to be loved. All it brings them is heartache and a distorted view on everything. They are truly just blinded to the dangers,by the devil himself. Thank the Lord for females who do dress modestly,not to show off!
There is still hope!
Ladies,let's take a stand! I decided to follow Jesus long ago. Now my desire is to want to please and honor Him. I also do not want to be a stumbling block for any of my fellow men. It is a comfort to know that my body is covered,and yet I can still look feminine and pretty. Maybe you aren't a fan of skirts and dresses,but you can still be modest. I have found much help in modesty from the blog Fresh Modesty. She covers all types of modest clothing.
Being a lady is more than just clothing. It is your mannerisms,the way you carry yourself,and your spirit. In acting,and dressing like a lady,when the time comes,God will send the right man your way.
I will leave you all with a few of my very favorite quotes.

"I often wonder,if more girls were willing to be ladies,would more guys feel challenged to be gentlemen?"

"It is a man's job to respect a woman,but it's a woman's job to give him something to respect."

"The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian,but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman."
-Elisabeth Elliot


Anonymous said...

A good post Emily... I agree, you can be pretty, feminine and not be revealing. Wearing pj's and slippers drives me nuts along with leggings without something nice and long over them. And I LOVE that late picture. : )

Emily said...

Oh yes! The legging thing drives me crazy!
And thank you. I have been meaning to attempt that photo for awhile:)

Cara Ford said...

Great post! We need more LADIES :)