Friday, February 1, 2013


HI! So I found my mom on the computer today and she was looking at a blog. Then I realized....THIS IS FRIDAY! So of course it's time for me to recap my week in Instagram photos;) Linking up with Jeannett!

My birthday cake my mom made for me:) The Pillsbury strawberry icing is the very best!!!

I received my necklace in the mail a day before my birthday:) It was good that it happened that way since it iced last weekend. The mail couldn't make it!
Straightened my hair out Monday night. Trying to think of something different I can do with the color or the bangs to keep myself from cutting it off!! Any ideas?? I'm game for suggestions!

We went snow tubing with our church Tuesday. We always stop at the same McDonald's. They have this huge play set! Somehow, us teenagers lose our maturity and jump in with the little kids;)

Isn't my sissy purdy??

Back to the resolutions.....:/

Did I mention we have become caretakers of this little sparrow?? My brother found him in the woods with a broken wing. He refuses to have his wing wrapped up! So we have put him in a bird cage beside my parakeet and tried to keep him still. We've tried to wrap his wing several times and every time he manages to hop out of our hands and dash through the house. He is super fast for such a little guy!!!

Abigail gave me these for my birthday right after I broke my old pair! She knows me well:0

I don't care for this album,but that's the beautiful thing about itunes. You can buy just one song:) This is one of the only 3 gospel songs on this CD. I loved the song so I went ahead and bought it! :)

Wednesday night was a windy one! This was before church. Fixing my hair was pointless that night because as soon as I walked out the door, WHOOSH!

One of my best friends gave me these lovelies for my birthday:)

Snow tubing. This was the pair of glasses I broke. I seriously go through like 10 pair a year!
My typewriter:)
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Anonymous said...

Maybe cut your bangs? lol Looks like a grat week! You and your sis are so pretty : )