Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Lately

Hello all you lovely followers! I have missed you guys lately! So this post is just some pics of my life lately. I have been having some more fun with my photo skills:)
 Grip of grace is the username for my photography Instagram.
 This was the view from my place last night. The sky was on fire. It was God's artwork.

 Would you believe that this is algae that was growing on our porch? It was just such a pretty texture and color, I had to take a picture!
 My wet hair:)
 I had some fun last night taking pictures and this was one of em:)
 We've been enjoying some beautiful sunny days lately!
 The butterfly bush;)
 This is a hairstyle I wore one day to work. The tutorial is on my pintrest on the board,  Hairstyles I Like.
 A quick pic of my Sunday outfit;)
So how has yawls life been lately???

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Emelie Claire said...

I love pictures 6, 7, 8 and the last one......your so creative with your camera! Besides the fact your gorgeous in ALL your pictures!

Your friend

Emelie Claire