Friday, May 18, 2012

Feminine Friday: Retro

 I haven't done one of these posts in forever because I've been busy on Fridays. Anyways, the theme today is Retro. I guess its themed around the 50's to the 80's maybe??? I'm not sure.

 It used to be that when women went driving,it would be dusty so they would wear scarves and glasses. I have always thought that the style is so cute! I have almost wore this look to go out driving in my car! Pretty sure everyone would think I'm a nut,but I would still like to try:)
 70's them! I looked forever for some and finally found them in Kmart at the beach.

I found this phone in Goodwill. It lights up green and orange when it rings! I love it!

I decided to try an 80's hairstyle and outfit......

 POOFY bangs....
 Big,crazy earrings....
 Long pearls...
and a BIG beehive bump! All in all it turned out pretty well. I borrowed the sweater and added some pink lipstick. Maybe if I ever attend a costume party, I'll dress like this:D
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Have a great Friday!

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