Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Clothes Say It For You: Part One-Where does modesty begin??

     I have decided to do a series of posts about modesty and what it means to me=)
There is a book called,"Your Clothes Say It For You." If you do not have this book, I would encourage you to get one right away. It is very helpful and gives a better understanding of the word "modesty." That book is what inspired me to come up with these posts.
    I don't know about you, but I think the word "modest" is used to loosely. Being modest should not be just the way we dress on Sunday. It should be the way we dress all the time. This is where modesty begins. It begins when it is in our hearts. If being modest is not something that is purposed in our hearts,than we will not be modest with the right attitudes. We will always be pushing the limits with our dress. Alot of girls think,"When I turn eighteen, I am going to dress however I want!" This shows that being modest was their parent's standard and not their own. Being modest is something we must desire in our hearts. If you struggle sometimes with modesty, like when you find the most adorable dress,but its two inches too short, you are not alone!! Sometimes I will find the cutest top or dress,but it does not completely measure up to the modest standard. I'm like ,"Ughhhhhhh." But you know what?? Its not the end of the world! I usually find something I like much better that is completely modest. So don't think you are a bad person if you sometimes struggle with modesty. Everyone does! It is the way we handle that struggle that matters. We will get into this a little more later. For today I wanted to touch on where modesty begins. And where is that???? In the heart;)
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Anonymous said...

Good Post Emily... :) Modesty is, in a way, a state of mind, we have to want to be modest, not just in the way we dress but in our thoughts and actions as well. :)

Emily said...

Exactly! Amen!