Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Isn't It Amazing??

 This is our 2&3 year old class=) Sometimes it is a challenge, but we love the kids very much.
 These two little boys built a fort under the table to scare the girls. The only thing was they screamed for about three minutes before I could get them quiet again. My mom made this point Sunday. Isn't it amazing that the boys don't have to be taught to play with trucks and make forts. Girls don't have to be taught to play with baby dolls and play house. It just comes natural. There is a lesson in there.
 These sweet little girls always have a smile.
 I told her to smile and this is the face she made:)

 This sweet girl had a baby doll in her arms cuddling almost the whole class!
 Here is the "Fort"
 The bus ministry has changed my life forever. I struggle some in giving of my self for the kids, but I am learning and I love this ministry.
 She loves to dress up...girl after my own heart!!

We got some more smiles:) Such a sweet girl. You know whats cool? Her mom chose adoption over abortion and now we have a sweet little girl to cuddle in our class!
The bus and children's ministry has taught me to care for someone other than myself. It has helped me be more patient and has given me a way to help people. I get to give kids that aren't loved at home, love and care. Some of the kids just want to be loved. They want someone to hug them and tell them they are loved. They want to be told that they are smart. Sometimes;) they even want to be told NO!


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