Monday, April 2, 2012

God is in the Hard Place

Last night our pastor preached a message called," The Hard Place"
Have you ever been in the hard place? The place where you feel like know one understands whats going on inside you. The place where crying yourself to sleep isn't unusual. The place where you just want to cry out in the dark and say,"Does anyone care!?" The place where you want to fly to some refuge and leave all the trials behind. Every single person in this world has been in the hard place. You aren't the only one,even though it seems that way. In the message last night, our pastor spoke of the hard place that Jesus went through when He was in the garden praying. He gave His own will up to God. He went through pain and tears. He went through beating and mocking. He was spat upon and scourged. That was a really hard place. The most important thing that I got from the message last night was that God is in the hard place. No one can understand your pain because the only ones there is you and God. I can't imagine going through it without God. Sometimes God puts us in the hard place to break our will. He is trying to line us up with His will. It doesn't matter what happens, God is always waiting on us to call upon Him. Sometimes we take our troubles to everyone but God. When we take our trials to God, He will see us through. God bless you all!

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