Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainbow T-shirt Tutorial

 Ok, this is a shirt my brother gave me. I drew out a design for a frame on the sheet of paper and I drew the frame with a permanent marker.
 I tried for an antique looking frame:)
 These were my paint colors. Rainbow colors, but you can do any color you want.
 I put the paint on in streaks inside the frame.

 You may have to go over it a couple times to look fully covered.
 After it dried(which didn't take long) I wrote with my permanent marker on the paint. You can come up with your own phrase, but I chose the phrase,"Color my world."
So now I have a awesome rainbow T-shirt! I hope you try this and enjoy it!!!
By the way, is it true that sniffing a Sharpie clears up you sinuses?? Just a random question=)


Anonymous said...

That's cool, :) I want to do one of those bleach pen shirts. Ummm... I think it only makes you hi. :/ hahaha I've never heard that before though.

Emily said...

Lol my friend told me that

Abigail Fullerton said...

How did you get your frame so straight. I would have it this way that way and other. lol :)