Saturday, March 24, 2012

Feminine Friday: Spring Cleaning(sigh)

 Welcome back everyone! Sorry for the delayed posting today. You will understand why in a moment.
 If you read this post title you're probably thinking,"exactly what does spring cleaning have to do with being feminine??" Well to tell the truth, this really isn't what I planned on posting. My mother decided to have a spring cleaning day. Our list went something like this:
1.Vacuum floors,furniture,and under cushions
5.Clean bathrooms
6.Clean out rooms and closets
7.Wash curtains
8.Wash sheets
9.Wash windows
10.Make rows in the garden(this was us kid's chore)
Nice huh?
Anyways, what is more feminine and womanly than taking care of a home,aka cleaning.
So before you go on to read the rest of this post, BE WARNED! You are going to be tired after you get done!!!
 Funny, when you clean out your room and you find things you had forgotten. I found a variety of things and put them on. This included many different scarfs on my head=D I found this braided belt and tied it on my waist.
 I tied my bow on my head at the beginning of the day because my hair was a wreck. I just wanted it out of my face:p. I later found the purple scarf that I tied around the top of my bun haha.
 You can't see it good in this pic, but I tied a checkered scarf around my head. The sunglasses were to cover up my eyes. There wasn't any paint on the barn...hehe. A lady from my church had broken her ankle and we were going to see her. My mom called her to let her know and this was what she said,"Well, I'll warn you there isn't any paint on the barn." I busted out laughing. I have never heard that before!!!! Yesterday one of those days where it would be really pointless to wear makeup( or warpaint) so I didn't bother. So, that's the story behind the sunglasses;)
 Polka dotted scarf on my head and armed with window cleaner.....WATCH OUT! Anyone else love the smell of Windex??
 Not exactly Rosie the Riveter, but pretty close:) hehe
These muscles, well what there is of them, is the product of dusting. Honestly I have never ever seen blinds and shelves and windows that needed so much dusting!! We were all sneezing!!!
 This was a idea I saw on several blogs. It is a cool idea. Just a frame with the glass taken out and wire hot glued to the inside. Walla!

 The chest is my hope chest that in the future is going to get a coat of paint. I will post about this when it happens:) I threw blankets and pillows on top to make a seat:)
 This was my mother's idea and I really liked it. These flip-flops have a sentimental story behind them. They're worn out, but there is no way I'm throwing them away. My mom came up with the idea to string them up like they do at the beach. SO CUTE!

 This is sort of my pride and joy of the day. It would have been to shameful to show you a before. Just imagine STUFF being EVERYWHERE!!! Honestly, stuff was packed in there almost to the ceiling.
 This is the top:) I'm so happy with this!!
 Slightly cluttered,but really sparkly and girly=)
 I am obsessed with paint samples! Every time I pass the paint isle I get a paint sample or two( or every color of the rainbow. But don't tell the manager!)
There's alot of pics I didn't post because there's something going on with the computer, but I hope you enjoyed this Feminine Friday. Are you tired yet??
Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm not the only one! I am always taking paint chips. :D

Abigail Fullerton said...

Love the flip flop idea it is so pretty =)