Friday, March 16, 2012

Feminine Friday: Hairstyle Edition!

 Welcome back readers!
 For this Feminine Friday post, the theme is hairstyles. Since a woman's hair is her glory, I think it is important that we take care of our hair. When I fix my hair up pretty it makes me feel good, or I should say, Feminine=)
 So I uploaded some pics of hairstyles I LOVE and would like to try!
 1Chorinthians 11:15
 But if a woman have long hair,
 it is a glory unto her:
 for her hair is given her
for a covering.
I have CURLY hair. I used to always wish my hair was straight. But you know what? God wanted me to have curly hair! It was a gift from Him. By always harping on what I didn't have, it was like throwing a gift back in His face. When ever I get depressed about how I look, or what size I am, or what kind of hair I have, I am reminded that I was created in God's likeness. Is God ugly????? Of course not!!!!!!!! So neither are we. We are created in His likeness and the only way we can be ugly is through our attitudes and thoughts. When we walk around with a sour attitude is when we become "ugly" so to speak. If I'm out somewhere and I see a girl or a lady who is really gorgeous,but their disposition is sour and bitter, that all I'm going to remember. Being pretty isn't everything. There is more in the Bible to be said about a gracious,wise, and virtuous woman, than a beautiful one. So a good question to ask ourselves is," Whats more important to God??" God wants us to look pretty and take care of ourselves, but he wants our inside to be more beautiful than our outside=)
Have a lovely Friday!

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