Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Tabby Tale: by Me!!

 I thought I would tell you the story behind this little lovely=) As you can seen I love my doggie! I love her SO much that I give her what she absolutely loves! A BATH! not!!!
(I will get to the story in a minute)
 She just loves this. Can't you tell by the look of pure excitement on her face! Doesn't this expression purely say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! nope pet owners are hated at bath time.
 So when she got out of the tub I threw the towel on her back and all she was thinking about was getting out.

 Caught you! time for the evil laugh......MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
ok I'm done. If looks could kill, I would be dead as a door nail!!!!

 OK, here is the story. (I kept my promise;))
I'm going to spare you the drama of going through the all the neighbor issues we had,but for neighbor reasons we had to give our outside dog to our grandma. Me,Mom,and my siblings all wanted a house dog. My dad said.......NO. My mom and brother started looking up pictures of Boston Terriers(I think to soften my dad's heart with their cuteness.) We could all tell that the "puppy face" was a good persuader. However,even if he said we could get a house dog, Boston Terriers are very pricey. We all prayed and prayed that God would send us a Boston Terrier. One day my dad called us from work . He said,"You are not going to believe this!!!!!!!!!!!" He had just glanced at the paper and there was an add for a Boston Terrier for....not 300$....not 200$...not 100$......not 1$!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!! (hallelujah chorus) There was someone else interested, but if they didn't show up she would be ours!!! We prayed and prayed that that man wouldn't show up. He didn't!!!! God wanted us to have Tabby. She is the sweetest, most energetic,loving,dog in the whole world! We all love her!!
That's the "Tabby Tale";)
The End
P.S. We also found out that Boston Terriers have terrible gas.....but that's another story:D

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