Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bloomin Pillow Tutorial

  I saw this idea on another blog called The Driveway Of Life.
I started with a regular pillow from Goodwill.
 I cut the fabric in a long rectangle with enough width for the pillow to go inside. I laid the pillow on one end of the rectangle and folded the other side over. This leaves three open sides to be sewn.
 I sewed the two sides inside out with the sewing machine. I turned it right side out and slipped the pillow inside. I sewed the bottom by hand.
 Heres the fun part! I didn't have enough felt in one color. So, I used different colors. I cut them out in circles,two of each color. Then I cut the circles in half.
 I hot glued them to the pillow in the shape of a flower.
 I went around and around until I got close to the center. I had to trim my half circles down a little to make it fit in the middle. I cut out a triangle for the middle, but you could use a circle or even a button to cover it.
 This was the finished product!
It sits happily in my room! If you try it, email me and tell me how it works out for you!

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Anonymous said...

That is super cute! :D