Saturday, January 28, 2012

The MOST Embarrassing Thing That Ever Happened To ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You may as well know that I make a hobby of embarrassing myself! I could tell you many stories, but this one is probably the best!
So........................Once upon a time I was at a ladies meeting. I was just minding my own business,sitting in a teen session, chewing gum.
I liked to chew my gum between my four front teeth. I don't know how I managed this, but I let out a breath and my gum shot from my mouth and landed on the skirt of the girl beside me!(Who by the way was a total stranger)
I looked down in complete horror. I looked at her....she looked at me....and I picked the gum up off her skirt. These were my words,"!" and then we both cracked up! I'm sure she thought I was a crazy nut! Ha ha! My friends had know idea what happened or why I was talking to a stranger during the session. We all had a good laugh after I told them though=)

     So that is my most embarrassing moment! Whats yours?
Leave a comment if you want to share a story! Love to hear em!


Anonymous said...

That would be emarrassing, but funny... lol mine wasn't really funny, not to me any ways! I took Josh (my boy friend) horse back riding. Well I wanted to grab my camera, so I go to jump off my horse, and managed to rip my pants! Thank goodness I was wearing an extra big shirt, so it covered but the whole time I made sure Josh stayed infront of me. He thought I was acting crazy. but he didn't find out till my lovely little sister told him when we got back home! :P

Emily said...

Haha sounds like something that would happen to me.