Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year to all!

To be perfectly honest,I normally make tons of resolutions that I don't keep. I don't even know where my list is by the end of the year! But this year is different to me. I have so many dreams and plans welling up in my heart an mind. I can't NOT get together my game plan for this year!

God gave me grace in a hard situation.
I lost someone unexpectedly.
I learned that even in the valley God is good.
We visited several states.
I discovered where my passion lies….photography;)
Had fun with family and friends.
Went kayaking for the first time.
Saw a giant Sting Ray.
Had a great year!

Plans for 2014:
Develop a closer walk with Jesus.
Work on my photography.
Keep an open mind.
Be positive.
Enjoy every breath of life.
Be a friend to someone that doesn't like me.
Be a better servant.
Love people.
Be a better witness.
Be a better friend.
Volunteer in my community.
Complain less and rejoice more.
Let go of personal struggles.
Focus on my business.
Live happy:)

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