Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girl's Night:Twins!

 Finally me and Abigail were able to have some girl time together. We had some relaxing time getting a manicure......
 and then we chowed down on some Mexican food:)
There is a little bit of a funny story here.....
We walk up to the restaurant and Aby goes,"I think my parents are here." (Our parents knew we were out together, but it kind of defeats the purpose of us going out alone if parents are there;)
So she goes and pokes her head in the door. She comes out,"Maybe they aren't here." So we go inside. Sure enough,there they sit, grinning at us. We sit down at a table diagonal from them. I couldn't see them at all,but Aby could. We decided we would just pretend like they weren't sitting there laughing at us:D
The lady that seated us asked us were we twins. TWINS! I guess its the red hair;) So I was already feeling like something was going on.
About half way through our meal, these waiters and waitresses come surround our table and put a Sombrero on MY HEAD! Then they start singing Happy Birthday in Spanish(at least I think)
When they got done, the waitress turned around, looked at Aby's parents, and said,"Did I put it on the wrong one??" Of course, she did.
We found out later that Mrs. Susan(Aby's mom) told them to put it on the girl with the RED hair. So it was meant for Aby all along! We also found out that when Aby poked her head in the door to see if her parents were there, they ducked out of sight.
Oh well...we got FREE dessert:D
 and I think our nails turned out pretty awesome too!
 We took a quick picture in Abigail's favorite place...THE SHOE STORE.
 The sky was so pretty!
Twins??......Naw, I'm not seeing it. Just BEST FRIENDS all the way!
Till tomorrow!

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Abigail Fullerton said...

Yes, Best Friends all the way !!!!!!!!!! = )