Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Clothes Say It For You: Part Three-Why Modest??

 Welcome to part three friends! So, why should we be modest?? Whats the big deal? I think we have all asked ourselves this question at one time or another. Whats the answer? First of all, if we love the Lord we are going to want to please Him. Therefore, our clothes will reflect that. Secondly, we need to dress modestly so we can reserve ourselves for our husbands,or future husbands. If we dress in a way as to turn heads and get remarks, then we are NOT dressing to please the Lord. I believe every woman that has dressed in a way to get bad attention from a man that is not her husband will answer to God one day. It amazes me that women of today do not value themselves. They do not care if they abuse their bodies and don't wear proper coverings. If we dress immodestly,we can cause a godly man to be tempted and to fall because of our clothing choices. On youth trips that my youth group takes, it breaks my heart when these young girls walk by our guys,knowing they are dressed horrible. I feel terrible for our guys that have to deal with that. I am always so proud to see them look away! If we as females,dress in a way to bring worldly attention to ourselves, we will attract the WRONG kind of man. If a man is willing to fall into temptation,than he is NOT going to be the kind of man that will love you forever. If you can bring him down,so can someone else. Please ladies! Purpose in your heart to stay modest for God,yourself,and your future husband.
This is my paper of commitment to stay modest. I have to sign my name on the line below the verse. I know its not the best,but feel free to print it if you want.

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