Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Dream Wedding!!!!

 When I get married,this is how I want to do my hair. I want my hair to be at my waist by then=)
 Got to love hair jewelry.
 I plan for my wedding colors to be white and creamy peach.
 I want the design of my cake to be like this. I want fresh peach colored flowers on top of each layer.
My cake topper is a beautiful carriage with the bride and groom in it.
 I love this veil! This is definitely what I want mine to look like.
 Every girl has to have a tiara!.
 This is the style I want for my bridesmaid dresses. They will be a peach color of course. They are so Jane Austen Novel.
 These are the shoes I want. I love lace.The heel is considerably tall. I don't want to break my neck walking down to meet my groom.
 These are several wedding dresses I like. I like the back of this one,
 the front of this one,
and the simple,femine,look of this one.

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